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Ms. Dipti Tripathy is an alumnus of ICFAI University, Hydrabad. After Graduating, she chose rural development as her field of work and joined British Council Division, British High Commission, Govt. of United Kingdom, in New Delhi and then in Orissa State Office in her endeavor to contribute to the development of almost all the backward districts of Orissa in the fields of Health and Education using her professional expertise. She met with a high degree of success and this achievement had highlighted her both with the Administration of the State as well as the rural populace. She also gained the acquaintance and build good rapports with national and international donor agencies like DfID-UK, UNICEF, UNDP, CARE India and BHP Billiton, Australia among others.

Her career started with British Council Division, Govt. of United Kingdom where she was fast recognized as a skilled professional handling and monitoring the administrative as well as the financial aspects of the projects. She proved herself as an efficient negotiator between the International Government bodies, Government of India, Government of Orissa and other stalkhoders.

Ms. Dipti Tripathy, has also worked with Department of International Development (DFID), Govt. of United Kingdom, VISA Steels, BHP Billiton (Australia) in a senior capacities as well.

Ms. Tripathy has also been associated with reputed Engineering and Management Colleges of Orissa. She has been a key person in setting up an Engineering College independently.

Ms. Dipti Triapthy brings with her excellent government and industry rapport, which will promote and strengthen placement tie-ups as well as identify viable funding sources.

Ms. Tripathy is heading the External Interface wing of the institute and is responsible for placement, corporate training and national and international liaisoning.


As an Educational Institution Innovation- The Business School (IBS) has a social responsibility. An obligation to its students, to the society’s future leaders, of imparting education which makes them worthy individuals; worthy in all respects, make them employable, honest; imbibe integrity and a sense of being a part of the society.

As a B’ School, our responsibility is not only to provide education for our students but also to assume a leadership status beyond the campus, towards our community. This is our emphasis, commitment to sustainable development in the society that as a business school, we are a repository of Knowledge which is useful to Entrepreneurs. Our endeavor as well is to make this knowledge available to entrepreneurs & help them harness it effectively and productively. Our talent base (our students) are constantly reminded that to be an effective and successful manager one has to harness his / her entrepreneurial spirits. Taking onus is one thing but the feeling of ownership can alone lead to success. As disseminators we focus on very small but critical aspects of grooming. I am confident that the years that they have spent in Innovation - The Business School has made the difference to them. A transformation from being an educated human being to being a successful Manager.

Ms. Dipti Tripathy

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Dr. Sukhjinder Singh

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Dr. Sukhjinder Singh is a Post Graduate in Personnel Management and an alumnus of NIPM Calcutta. He is also a double graduate of Science and LLB. He started his career as a consultant and had also provided services to public, private and State Govt. offices in Orissa for making project reports and developing software packages for them. Followed by his active participation on different development projects undertaken by the British Government through their High Commission Office in India along with Government of India,

Government of Orissa & other Stalkhoders in his endeavor to contribute to the development of the backward districts of the Orissa State using his professional expertise. He met with a high degree of success and this achievement had highlighted him both with the Administration of the State as well as the rural populace. He also gained the acquaintance and built good rapports with national and international donor agencies like DfID-UK, Care Orissa, OXFAM, Crown Agents of the United Kingdom among others.

He also has vast experience in setting up new management B-schools of ICFAI University in the States of Orissa, Jharkhand & Chattishgarh and has headed the Administration, Admission & Placement Department of different Management Colleges in Orissa.

In the meantime he has also taught regularly students of MBA at ICFAI B-Schools in Soft Skill Development (SSD).

Dr. Sukhjinder Singh was also the architect behind the excellent placements of the ICFAI B Schools and other institutes in Bhubaneswar.


Change is the only constant in today’s market. Economies of the world today face challenges in the short term which makes rethink on existing practices, beliefs & assumptions imperative.

The last decade has been exposed to one such phase where the turmoil in the world of business and finance has made people wake up to the uncertainties and threats. It has been reinforced that for managers and businesses to succeed, in addition to competencies, there is no substitute to honesty, integrity and a strong foundation in core values.

At IBS we mould managers and leaders for society who create, inspire and lead teams to set optimal standards of performance.

We believe that being aggressive and competitive and yet being ethical and value-driven in today’s aggressive markets are not mutually exclusive but in fact highly interdependent. At IBS students are taught to play to win but not at any cost, to be guided by the principles of fair play, rules, conscience &values. Our focus is on quality rather than quantity ensures that we have compact batch sizes. A student teacher ratio of as high as 3:1 ensures a high degree of interaction between the students & the faculty. This helps the students benefit from the rigor of our programme while at the same time be shaped into well rounded personalities.


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